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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death and Survivorship Actions in Louisiana

When a loved one dies, it’s always difficult to handle. Your sense of loss can be compounded, however, when you know that their death was the fault of another and entirely avoidable. In those situations, you may want to consider a wrongful death lawsuit and, possibly, a survival action. What’s a wrongful death claim? Essentially, a wrongful death claim recognizes that the close relatives of

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Reckless Drivers, Larger Vehicles Causing More Pedestrian Deaths

The traffic data from last year is starting to come in, and it’s not looking good. Based on preliminary numbers, pedestrian deaths rose in 2021. This isn’t a new trend. Even in 2020, when many people were working at home – or not working at all – and schools, as well as many businesses, were closed, pedestrian fatalities at the hands of drivers rose by

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car wrecks are down in Louisiana, but fatalities are up

The newest information out of the Center for Analytics and Research in Transportation Safety at Louisiana State University (LSU) brings a mixture of good and bad news for residents of this state. The good news is that there were fewer people injured in motor vehicle wrecks in Louisiana in 2020 than any year in history since the state started tracking them back in 1988. The

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Can you sue someone for a fatal crash if they also face charges?

Car crashes are common occurrences, but most of them aren’t that serious. Still, motor vehicle collisions are a major cause of death in Louisiana, with crashes claiming hundreds of lives every year.  Often, the drivers who cause such collisions violate the law somehow and may face criminal consequences for their behavior. If the state prosecutes a drunk driver or someone who violated traffic laws, does

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Why bigger vehicles cause more fatalities and serious injuries 

Americans love big vehicles. You constantly see people driving around in massive SUVs and pickup trucks, even if there’s only one person in the vehicle and they’re not carrying anything or pulling a trailer. These vehicles are just “daily drivers” and they use them to go everywhere.  Vehicle preference aside, is this a safe decision? Or is this fascination with large vehicles costing lives? Mass

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Can you file a lawsuit after a fatal car crash?

The actions of other people can do real harm to you and your family. Car crashes are a perfect example. You may be incredibly careful when you drive, but you can’t stop someone else from texting at the wheel, eating a cheeseburger while they drive or getting behind the wheel after having several beers. Every time your family drives somewhere, there is a tiny risk

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Who has grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit?

Experiencing the death of a loved one is never easy. When you discover that their death was a result of someone else’s recklessness, negligence or deliberate behavior, it’s likely that you want to seek compensation. Louisiana provides its residents with the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit when they experience the death of a loved one. Who has grounds? Regardless of whether loved ones

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