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Why would a dog become aggressive?

Dog attacks send thousands of Americans to the emergency room every year. If you are a victim of a dog attack, you may pursue the animal owner for compensation through a Louisiana premises liability lawsuit. But rarely do dogs attack out of the blue. From small nicks that may go unnoticed to full-blown attacks that might leave the victim with severe injuries, there are several

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Do crosswalks keep pedestrians safe?

There’s a reason that jaywalking can be illegal. Pedestrians are supposed to use crosswalks, some of which may even be light controlled. The idea is that this controls the flow of traffic – when that traffic includes vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians – and that can keep people safe. But do crosswalks actually work? Do they keep pedestrians from being injured in motor vehicle accidents? They

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How liability works after a dog bite attack in Louisiana

Dogs are among the most popular pets owned in Louisiana, without thousands of households sharing their space with one or more canines. Some people love to have lap dogs in their homes for affection and entertainment. Other people have large dogs for security or to motivate themselves to exercise. While canine companions certainly bring numerous benefits to their owners, they also create some risk for

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Car accidents and traumatic brain injuries: What to know

A TBI (traumatic brain injury) is caused by sudden damage to your brain resulting from a jolt or blow to your head. While there are many causes of these injuries, they are often seen in accident victims after a car, motorcycle or truck accident, an assault or a fall.  The impact of TBIs depends on how severe they are and what part of the brain

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Do drivers know how to share the road with cyclists?

When cycling in Louisiana, it is essential to remember that the drivers around you might have learned to drive in another state. Or they may have learned to drive a long time ago. Hence, even if you know what Louisiana teaches new drivers about cyclists, many drivers around you will have learned differently. Not that Louisiana is a model state by any stretch regarding caring

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How do you calculate lost wages after a deadly car crash?

One of the biggest financial consequences of a deadly car crash will be the loss of income it creates. If the person who died was the primary wage-earner for the family, simply handling basic expenses can become a hardship. A wrongful death claim is an opportunity for surviving dependent family members to seek justice and hold a business or individual responsible for causing a fatal

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3 risk factors that could contribute to pedestrian crashes

Pedestrians, unlike drivers and passengers in motor vehicles, don’t have a vehicle to protect them in the event of a collision. Crashes involving pedestrians are among the most severe and deadly of all wrecks. Many factors contribute to your risk for a pedestrian crash, and a portion of those risk factors are outside of your control. There are certain things you can control, however. By

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Dog’s powerful jaws can cause bone fractures

Many people think about the risk of infection when they think about a dog bite. While that’s usually the primary risk, the pressure of the bite force of some dogs can lead to fractured bones. This is especially true when the bite occurs to the face, toes, or fingers. The average dog bite is much more powerful than a human bite. A human bite averages

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