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The fatigued driving epidemic

Louisiana researchers are noticing a new epidemic when it comes to vehicle accidents. This is the act of being tired behind the wheel, commonly referred to as fatigued driving or drowsy driving. All of these terms refer to drivers who are lacking sleep and are unable to safely drive their vehicles down the roadway. What are the statistics showing? It’s estimated that 100,000 motor vehicle

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Tips for preventing motorcycle accidents

With 80% of all motorcycle crashes resulting in injury or death, it’s important for all Louisiana bikers to take precautions to ensure their safety on the roadway. While you might be familiar with wearing a helmet and not drinking, those are not the only safety precautions you should be taking. Be mindful of the weather Many motorcycle accidents happened during adverse weather conditions. While you

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Understanding how side guards on trailers reduce fatal accidents

Louisiana deals with its fair share of tractor-trailer accidents each year. Some of the deadliest accidents are those where a vehicle runs into the side of the trailer, commonly referred to as a side collision. Many advocates who have lost loved ones due to these types of collisions have been spreading the message about a newer safety device that can help to minimize the amount

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Traffic study reveals where, when cars hit increasingly popular e-scooters

Electric scooter usage is growing as rapidly as e-scooter riders get from Point A to Point B in crowded urban areas. From the time e-scooters were made publicly available nationally in 2017, rides rose in two short years from zero to 88 million. Baton Rouge rise In the early months of the pandemic last year, the micromobility industry gained even more traction. Gotcha, a company

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Dog bite classifications and when to see a doctor

Louisiana residents may not have given a second thought to the idea that a furry, cute dog may end up biting them at some point. In reality, dog bites happen every day across the state and are classified into different categories of severity. Understanding these categories and determining when to see a doctor can help to ensure that you reduce the risk of permanent damage

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Most dangerous cities for pedestrians

More pedestrians are losing their lives to car accidents in Louisiana and other states. Ironically, the rise in pedestrian deaths happens when numbers for traffic fatalities as a whole are on the decline. And some cities have shown they are more dangerous for pedestrians than others. Louisiana pedestrian fatalities One hundred and twenty-two pedestrians in Louisiana lost their lives after becoming involved in an accident

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The biggest hazards to motorcycle riders

Louisiana motorcyclists hit the road in the early spring and summer to enjoy the freedom that a motorcycle has to offer. While many will take necessary precautions like wearing a helmet and always running with their headlights on, accidents do still happen. By understanding what some of the biggest hazards are for motorcycle riders, they can better work to avoid these hazards and to decrease

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Which pedestrians are more at risk to be involved in an accident?

There’s always the risk of pedestrian accidents in Louisiana when pedestrians and drivers share the road. The pedestrians who are most at risk of an accident include children, senior citizens and anyone who is intoxicated. Those who spend time on bikes can also get hit by cars while navigating roads. Risk factors for pedestrian accidents Children are often involved in accidents when they play outside,

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Are SUVS more dangerous for pedestrians?

Studies show that SUVs are more prone to killing pedestrians compared to sedans in Louisiana and throughout the United States. SUVs, pickup trucks and passenger vans are more often responsible for fatalities due to their larger size. The front profile of SUVs is higher than cars and has a greater impact on the pedestrian during a collision. Drivers in SUVs also have more blind spots

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How to stay safe while on your bike

As a general rule, you are allowed to ride your bike on roads throughout Louisiana. However, it’s important that you take extra precautions if you are going to be sharing a lane with cars, trucks or other vehicles. This is because you’ll have far less protection than those inside a vehicle will if a collision occurs. Eliminate all distractions Ideally, you’ll refrain from wearing headphones,

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Are bicycle accidents on the rise?

Fatal bicycle accidents are currently on the rise, which may be due to the increase in cycling popularity and fitness in Louisiana. The prevalence of distracted driving is contributing factor as more people spend time on their phones while driving a car. More drivers are also purchasing larger trucks and SUVs, which limits visibility on the road and can make it difficult to spot cyclists.

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