Common causes of boating accidents

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In the state of Louisiana, laws regarding motor vehicle accidents don’t just apply to cars. They can also apply to boating accidents that cause serious injuries or the loss of a loved one. If your loved one died after a boating accident, you might be able to sue the person responsible.

What are the top causes of boating accidents?

Drunk boating can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. Many people think it’s acceptable to get drunk while they’re on the water, but this could result in speeding, reckless boating or falling overboard. Drunk individuals are also more likely to engage in dangerous behavior like not wearing a life jacket. They could endanger other people on the boat by driving into an obstacle or giving them an ill-fitting life jacket.

On a similar note, not having a life jacket is one of the top causes of fatal motor vehicle accidents on the water. Even if an individual knows how to swim, they could still drown if they fall off the boat without wearing their safety gear. An individual who can’t swim has almost no chance if they fall off the boat without a life jacket.

Malfunctioning equipment can also cause boating fatalities. If a boat’s engine stops working or runs out of fuel, the people onboard might have nowhere to go for assistance. They could be stranded for days if they’re out on the ocean. If you lose a loved one because of a boat owner’s negligence, you might want to think about hiring a personal injury attorney.

How may attorney help you after a boating accident?

An attorney may be able to help you pursue a personal injury claim for yourself or a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of a loved one. This includes accidents that happen on private boats as well as commercial fishing boats.