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Drivers opening vehicle doors are a concern for cyclists

One of the main concerns that cyclists have while navigating different types of roads in Louisiana is drivers opening their car doors unexpectedly, which can lead to severe injuries for cyclists. In most situations, the driver opening the door is liable for the accident. The cyclist typically doesn’t have much warning or time to stop their bike when the door is swung open. Drivers’ responsibilities

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Is there a risk of infection with dog bites?

There’s always a risk of infections occurring with dog bites if you’ve been attacked by a dog in Louisiana. 10 to 15 percent of dog bites lead to an infection. There’s a higher risk of infection if the bite occurs on the hands or fingers. The bites can lead to staph infections, as well as strep infections. Some of the common signs associated with these

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Why drowsy truck drivers are a danger

There are a number of reasons that a fatigued truck driver can be dangerous. Drowsy driving is a significant contributor to many types of Louisiana accidents, and a truck driver is behind the wheel of a powerful vehicle that can cause much worse accidents than a small car. Obstacles for truck drivers Truck drivers are less likely to be able to maneuver easily, and this

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