How deadly are pedestrian accidents?

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Car accidents do not always involve collisions between vehicles. Pedestrians may find themselves hit by a car with the results involving serious physical injuries. Pedestrians in Louisiana could find themselves at risk for an accident anywhere they come close to vehicles; even a supermarket parking lot could end up as the location for a pedestrian accident because high speeds aren’t necessary to cause harm.

Concerning statistics about pedestrian accidents

The year 2018 logged frightening data about pedestrian accidents, 17% of which resulted in fatalities. People age 70 and above are most at risk for pedestrian deaths. Not surprisingly, urban areas experience the highest number of pedestrian fatalities. More people live in metropolitan areas, and they run the risk of being close to vehicles. However, rural and suburban areas also experience pedestrian incidents.

Sadly, alcohol factors into many pedestrian fatalities. Pedestrians with blood alcohol concentrations above 0.08 accounted for a significant number of people killed in pedestrian accidents in 2018. More inebriated pedestrians died during evening hours than daytime as the dark affects driver visibility.

It bears mentioning that an intoxicated pedestrian may not be responsible in whole or in part for his or her death. If the negligence rests exclusively with the driver, the pedestrian did not contribute to his or her passing. Regardless, intoxication could make it difficult to protect him or herself from harm adequately.

Questions about negligence

A pedestrian accident’s aftermath may result in an investigation to determine negligence. A pedestrian who runs across a highway at night might put his or her life in jeopardy. By contrast, a vehicle that makes an illegal turn on red and hits a pedestrian could be liable for any injuries.

Drunk drivers, along with distracted and drowsy drivers, may easily injure pedestrians. Driving while intoxicated is one of the more apparent examples of negligence, but texting when driving could lead to the same outcome as a DUI: an avoidable accident that causes serious injuries.

Pedestrians injured in motor vehicle accidents may have insurance claims or lawsuit options available to them. Discussing the incident with an attorney may lead to a decision on how to move forward.