Could a dog bite become infected?

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Getting bit by a dog could lead to severe lacerations and heavy bleeding. If the painful bite does not appear that bad, victims might choose to avoid a trip to a Louisiana hospital. However, not seeking medical treatment could turn out to be a regrettable decision as a dog bite can become infected. Infections may lead to severe complications, so dog bite victims need to look for signs of an infectious bite.

Signs of a dog bite infection

Washing an animal bite wound with soap and water and using a topical antibiotic might not be enough. The wound could become infected and require immediate medical treatment.

An infected wound may display redness and experience swelling. Pain from the injury may last longer than 24 hours, and pus or another fluid may come from the wound. The wound may also become warm, which is a troubling sign.

An infection may spread when left untreated. The symptoms could become far worse and, possibly, life-threatening. Hopefully, if caught in time, oral antibiotics may solve the infection. More severe infections could require IV treatment.

Other dangers with dog bites

Dog bite victims may also worry about tetanus or rabies infections. A post-exposure rabies vaccine exists, thankfully. Without treatment, someone infected with rabies faces a 99.9% mortality rate.

Sepsis stands as a potential outcome from infections. With sepsis, the body’s reaction to infection leads to tissue damage. Sepsis is another condition that may prove life-threatening.

Preventing the worst after a dog bite

Allowing a doctor to perform a thorough examination helps ensure proper treatment and diagnosis after a dog bite. Injuries from dog bites may lead to complications, and even minor injuries could require costly medical care. The victim may need to file a suit against a dog’s owner. Sometimes, homeowners’ insurance may cover the costs up to the policy limits and barring exclusions. A personal injury attorney may help a dog bite victim follow the proper steps for pursuing compensation.