Motor vehicle accident aftermath tips

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Motor vehicle accidents in Louisiana are disorienting. Knowing what to do following the accident can be a challenge. Read below for some car accident aftermath tips.

Make sure everyone is safe

After you experience a motor vehicle accident, check to make sure that you and any passengers are safe. You still need to call 911 even if no one seems visibly wounded because some injuries might take a few days or weeks to present themselves.

If you need an ambulance to transport you to the hospital, take a moment to notice the license plate of the other vehicle and if there are any witnesses nearby to provide details of the accident. If no one is seriously injured, try to remove the vehicles off the road. Some people get into an accident when other drivers that don’t see the stopped cars hit them.

Write down witness testimonies

The testimony of other witnesses is valuable. If you notice witnesses, be sure to jot down their names, phone numbers and addresses as there can be a disagreement between both parties as to what really happened. You should jot down this same type of info with any passengers as well.

Exchange info between drivers

After you have collected information from the witnesses and passengers, you should exchange information with the driver. Ask for their name, address, phone number and insurance policy number.

Tell the officer that shows up what you know

Recount the events of the accident to the police officer that arrives. However, do not tell the officer that you are directly at fault for the auto accident. After the scene is investigated, you may find that you are not responsible for the accident whatsoever, even though you felt responsible immediately afterward.

Knowing what to do after an accident isn’t always an easy task. You may benefit from contacting an attorney who can help you with your case.