Speeding has become a concern on the newly expanded I-10

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Most Baton Rouge area residents understand the importance of not speeding. Since the spring when many Baton Rouge workers have been working from home, roads around the area have been less busy. With more open spaces to drive, some drivers have found that an invitation to speed. A recently completed road construction project on I-10 has resulted in an increase in speeding.

Expanded I-10 has become a speeding hazard

Louisiana State Police is warning drivers to slow down on the I-10 expansion. Although this expansion has been open for less than a month, the State Police have seen an increase in speeding. The interstate was widened from 4 to 6 lanes and with that improvement has come risking driving. In one weekend the State Police wrote 50 tickets and arrested some drivers under the influence. The State Police want drivers to understand the importance of driving safely and that they will be increasing patrols on the newly expanded freeway to hopefully cut down on speeding.

Speeding remains a major cause of accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding is a cause of nearly a third of fatal car accidents. When a person makes the decision to speed, they put their lives at risk along with the lives of everyone else they meet on the road.

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