How truckers and drivers of cars can be mindful of one another

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Getting into a crash with a driver operating a vehicle about the same size as your car can be painful or even fatal. And colliding with a commercial truck can lead to extremely unfortunate circumstances too.

The majority of fatal truck accidents in 2018 resulted in an occupant in a passenger vehicle, not the truck, dying. It’s a combination of statistics like this and common sense that prove how imperative it is for those operating vehicles of any type or size to keep tabs on each other. You can do this with extreme attention to the road and caution when passing.

Cutting out distractions

Larger vehicles tend to have a larger stopping distance. Therefore, if you were in a near-accident situation, your undivided attention may be necessary to avoid a collision. As a truck driver, you’ll have to make sure you hit your brakes as soon as possible. And as a passenger vehicle driver, you’ll want to steer clear from the truck in a safe and quick manner.

Every second counts in these kinds of scenarios, so noting and cutting out distractions that you face behind the wheel can ultimately save your life. Some common distractions you may face include cell phone use, jamming out to music, talking to passengers, typing in directions and eating.

Proper passing techniques

Car drivers will want to keep in mind that they are only visible to truck drivers when truck drivers can see the them in the truck’s side mirror. And that passing on the left side, where the truck driver sits, is the safest way to pass a truck.

Since truck drivers have large blind spots, other drivers shouldn’t cruise be side by side trucks for an extended length of time. And truck drivers should always use their mirrors and windows to keep an eye out for motorists near every side of their truck. That way they can be confident the coast is clear when it’s time to switch lanes, merge or exit.

Not being selfish or reckless on the road can pay off. However, if you do become an accident victim, an attorney can guide you through the compensation process.