I-10 accident on Mississippi River Bridge

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The roads around our fair city are packed with locals, interstate travels and intrastate travelers because our highways are major shipping and travel arteries for the entire U.S. But, this means sharing the road with 18-wheelers, a lot of 18-wheelers. Of course, this also means the risk of injuries from motor vehicle accidents with 18-wheelrs also increase as these accidents have much higher risks of serious injuries and fatalities. One such accident occurred Oct. 27.

The accident

According to the Baton Rouge Police Department a passenger vehicle was impacted from behind by an 18-wheeler, which forced that vehicle under another, different 18-wheeler in front of the vehicle. Luckily, both the driver and their passenger were not killed, but one had to be extracted from the wreckage.

The multi-vehicle 18-wheeler accident occurred on I-10 West on the Mississippi River Bridge, and the accident closed down the highway for hours. This caused traffic to back up to the I-10/I-12 interchange.

Accident victims have options

Readers of this Baton Rouge, Louisiana, blog know that accident victims have options, and they can hold negligent drivers accountable for their negligence. In 18-wheeler accidents though, accident victims not only can sue the drivers themselves, but also the owners of the truck. And, if the driver is an owner/operator, accident victims may also be able to sue the contracting company, and perhaps, even the middleman load broker. These are all, generally, deep pockets that can help accident victims recover some sense of normalcy.

Of course, like auto accidents, all 18-wheeler collisions are very fact specific. An attorney can help accident victims figure out who is responsible and how to hold them responsible.