Certain Yeti travel mugs recalled due to burn hazard

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Yeti coolers and beverage holders are very popular among Louisianans, partially due to their durability and partially due to their brand name. However, if you purchased a Yeti travel mug in the past few months, you should know that certain Yeti travel mugs are being recalled due to burn hazards.

Yeti mugs facing recall

The Yeti travel mugs at issue have a magnetic slider lid. According to news reports, the magnetic slider on the lid can “eject” spilling hot liquids on users, causing burns. Approximately 250,000 Yeti travel mugs with a specific product number have been recalled due to this defect. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that there have been two instances of the magnetic slider ejecting after a person had poured hot liquid in the mug and sealed the lid on the mug. Yeti has stated that consumers should immediately discontinue use of the product.

Recalls may not be enough to protect consumers

Product recalls are an important way to protect consumers from defective products. However, they may come too little too late for consumers already injured by the defective products. If a consumer is injured by a defective product, and they could show that the product was defective and that the defect caused their injuries even when they were using the product as intended, they may want to determine if they can pursue a product liability claim.

Seek assistance if you are injured by a defective product

Burn injuries can be incredibly painful and may require treatment in the hospital. This could lead to hefty medical bills, missed time at work leading to lost wages, as well as pain and suffering. For this reason, it is important to take action if you are injured due to a defective product. This post does not contain legal advice and should not form the basis of any legal filing. Those in Baton Rouge considering a product liability claim may want to seek the assistance of an attorney before moving forward.