Special considerations regarding child pedestrian accident victims

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Pedestrian accidents are devastating and can leave victims with serious injuries. Some pedestrian accidents result in fatalities and victims’ families are left to cope with the pain of living without them. Pedestrian accidents happen in Louisiana and impact individuals, households, and communities.

All pedestrian accidents are tragic, but incidents involving children are particularly devastating. Drivers may need to exercise heightened care when operating near children, and this post will discuss why children are often victims of collisions with vehicles. This post is provided as information only, and no part of this post should be interpreted as legal guidance.

Why children are common victims of pedestrian accidents

Most children look forward to growing up and becoming adults. With adulthood comes the opportunities to make one’s own decisions and live as one wants. However, children are not permitted these luxuries because they are still developing and not always capable of making good decisions.

Kids are impulsive in their thoughts and actions, and therefore can put themselves into potentially dangerous situations. For example, a child who runs after a ball into a busy street without looking where they are going may find themselves in the path of a moving vehicle. A distracted driver may not see them, and depending on the size of the child, an observant driver may miss them as well.

Ways that drivers can avoid accidents with child pedestrians

Drivers who operate in locations where children often visit can take precautions to keep child pedestrians safe. These locations can include places like schools, parks, and community centers. When near them, drivers can slow down, abide by posted speed limits, put away all distractions, and anticipate the potentially erratic actions of the children they observe.

Drivers should exercise care whenever they are in their vehicles but should be vigilant when the threat of pedestrian accidents is present. After a pedestrian accident involving a child, families can seek guidance and advice from personal injury attorneys in their communities. Legal action may help families get child victims the financial damages they need to survive.