Recent indictment highlights car accident fraud scheme

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accident |

There’s no doubt that our roadways are dangerous. While people are often afraid of flying, it is a fact of life that driving is a much more dangerous activity. Unfortunately, what many Louisianans may not realize is that this danger is heightened by insurance fraudsters. But, the indictment and killing of an alleged local insurance fraudsters has highlighted this dangerous practice.

The insurance schemes

The local would allegedly conduct his scheme by packing people into vehicles, and then crashing those vehicles into 18-wheelers and buses. The drivers were known as the “slammers” as they were the one’s actually slamming onto the vehicles. “Spotters” would pick the fraudsters up and act as witnesses, when necessary. The passengers and intermediaries would then boost the paydays by adding additional witnesses and “victims.”

With the help of several unscrupulous local attorneys, they would then collect insurance money from these accidents. Even just referring these people to the unscrupulous attorneys could net $1,000 for tractor-trailer collisions, or $500 for car accidents. The scheme has now resulted in charges against at least 28 individuals.

The larger issue

Of course, insurance fraud, like this scheme is wrong and illegal, but it is also dangerous. It is dangerous not only to the ones in the vehicles involved in the accident, but also to everyone else on the road. This is because, no one can predict how an accident will end up or how it will effect anyone else on the road. A collision with an 18-wheeler could cause the either vehicle to careen into another vehicle, injuring, or even killing those in surrounding vehicles. In fact, the accident scene alone, and its accompanying traffic jam, can cause additional accidents and dangerous road conditions.

Luckily, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, residents that are victims of these types of frauds can bring personal injury lawsuits against the fraudsters. These lawsuits can help victims recover for the damages and pain and suffering, like lost wages, medical bills, vehicle repairs, etc. But, to hold these people accountable, one should contact an attorney immediately.