Two 18-wheelers collide, shutting down I-10 East in Iberville

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Our city is hub for travel across the south, and as a result, 18-wheelers liter our roadways. These extremely large vehicles pose special risks to everyone on the roads because they are substantially larger than everything else on the roads, towering over all other vehicles, in both size and weight. But, we often forget that these large vehicles are also dangerous to themselves, as one recent accident between two in Iberville demonstrated.

The 18-wheeler collision

According to local Baton Rouge media, before 7:00 a.m. Thursday, two 18-wheelers collided on I-10 East between Grosse Tete and Lobdell. The impact caused one of the trucks to overturn, and it shut down a significant portion of the roadway as crews attempted to remove the large trucks from the roadway. Officials have not released what caused the 18-wheeler accident, and there has been no reports of injuries yet.

Unique situation shows the dangers of large trucks

These extremely large vehicles are essential to our economy, but this rare truck on truck collision shows just how dangerous these vehicles are to everyone on the road, even themselves. The impact in this accident caused a rollover, but imagine the consequences had a vehicle, or God-forbid a motorcycle, been involved. As fully-loaded truck often weigh in excess of 80,000 pounds, fatalities certainly would have occurred.

What to do if involved in an 18-wheeler accident

Call a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, attorney as soon as medically able, or have a family member call one. Trucking companies have high powered insurance defense firms and insurance companies that do not want to pay, or that want to pay very little. But, as these accidents often cause serious, life-changing or even, fatal injuries, it is imperative that one collects everything they are entitled. After all, without this compensation, how can one be expected to get back to a sense of normalcy.