Driver assistance systems can benefit truck drivers

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accident |

It’s getting harder for truck drivers to safely navigate the roads of Louisiana and the nation due to the greater number of distracted motorists out there. Still, drivers can reduce the risk for a collision through safety technology.

The benefits of ADAS and AEB

Advanced driver assistance systems and automatic emergency braking are especially beneficial according to experts who spoke at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Truck Safety Summit on Aug. 5, 2020. AEB comes with a forward and rear collision warning system, for example, while ADAS boasts features like:

• Adaptive cruise control
• Lane-keeping assist
• Blind spot alert
• Intelligent adaptive headlights

AEB can detect an impending crash, warn drivers about it and apply the brakes automatically if drivers don’t do so in time. Adaptive cruise control sets a safe speed to prevent tailgating. Lane-keeping assist is important because distracted drivers are always liable to drift from their lane, and intelligent headlights provide light for drivers who may otherwise experience glare from oncoming traffic.

Mitigating the severity of collisions

Even if these features cannot eliminate all crashes, they can reduce the severity of injuries when crashes do occur. Some accidents that would have led to injuries are instead limited to property damage. Despite the benefits, though, AEB and ADAS depend on a safety-minded driver behind the wheel for their effectiveness.

For victims of a negligent trucker

When truckers are not safety-minded and engage in distractions themselves, they may cause a crash and force their employer to face a personal injury case. If they are owner-operators, then their insurance company may face a similar claim. Injured victims likely want compensation regardless of who the defendant will be. Victims may want a lawyer to help strengthen their case with proof of the trucker’s negligence before negotiations start.