Distracted driving survey reveals disturbing trends

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accident |

Most drivers in Louisiana and across the United States consider themselves to be safe drivers, yet these same drivers will think nothing about distracting themselves behind the wheel. This is just one of the concerning trends that a recent survey has revealed. Netradyne, an artificial intelligence firm, commissioned the online survey that took place from Feb. 25 to March 10, 2020, and had 1,248 people respond to it.

Half of drivers believe driving is becoming less safe

The study participants were all 18 and older, had a standard driving license and used a car at least once a week. Half agreed that driving is becoming less safe, and 82% even expressed their fear that distracted driving is becoming more widespread. Yet 91% of participants believe they are safe drivers, and over half did not agree that they could become safer drivers.

Commercial truck drivers who transport goods were generally seen as being unsafe. Less then half of participants considered them safe behind the wheel.

Participants themselves drove distracted

The survey showed that those who responded to the survey would themselves engage in many distracting activities. The most common was drinking liquids while the one that led to the most severe consequences was using social media. One in seven respondents even had an accident because of distracted driving and either suffered injuries or damaged their vehicle beyond repair.

Filing a personal injury claim

When motor vehicle accidents are caused by distracted drivers, those injured may have good grounds for a claim. Seeking compensation from auto insurance companies can be difficult without a lawyer, so you may want to schedule a case evaluation before moving forward. The lawyer may be able to determine how much you are eligible for and then negotiate for that amount, taking the case to court only as a last resort.