Considerate driving could save the lives of motorcyclists

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As the warm days of summer decline, bikers take to the roads for one last seasonal trip along Louisiana’s scenic roadways. Though these smaller vehicles have a reputation for daredevil drivers and reckless maneuvers, much of a motorcycle’s danger comes from other drivers.

Thankfully, car and truck drivers can do much to create safer roads for motorcycles. The following guidelines can help motorists remember the basics and be aware of bikers.

Guidelines for sharing the road with bikers

The following six steps can help car and truck drivers expand their awareness and better accommodate motorcyclists. Creating welcoming road conditions can help foster a better driving culture for bikers and save many lives every year.

Drivers who want to do more for motorcyclists can:

  • Give bikers more road: Most drivers are unfamiliar with how motorcycles maneuver. Drivers who provide a nearby biker more road to navigate can respond more appropriately to their motions and maintain safe driving practices.
  • Use turn signals: Bikers might need a bit more time recognizing a car’s turn signal. When driving near bikers, signal all turns early and clearly.
  • Turn left carefully: Many motorcycle accidents occur in intersections where large vehicles may block their small frames. Turning left through an intersection creates several blind spots that could hide a motorcycle and cause a collision. Turn left carefully, prioritizing visibility and low speeds.
  • Shut off high beams: At night, the “brights” setting for headlights can blind a motorcyclist. When a motorcycle is near, shut down the high beams and stay aware of their position.
  • Thoroughly check blind spots: In two-thirds of multiple-vehicle collisions involving motorcycles, the accidents stem from a driver violating a biker’s right-of-way. Before changing lanes, check the blind spots specifically for those small-profile motorcycles.
  • Drive sober: Most responsible drivers know not to get behind the wheel while intoxicated, but many do every day. Drunk driving increases the danger for every person on the road, especially when 80% of all motorcycle accidents prove fatal.

Hit while driving a motorcycle? Bring the case to a lawyer

Anyone injured while driving a motorcycle may have legal recourse available. More victims have success in securing damages by working with an attorney familiar with Louisiana’s motor vehicle laws.