Dangerous tools and equipment put professionals at risk

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If you rely on tools or specialized equipment to get your job done every day, you expect that your gear will hold up to the task at hand. Unfortunately, there are some people who will wind up hurt on the job because of defective tools or equipment.

When that happens, people can sometimes bring a personal injury claim related to a defective product against the manufacturer or in some cases even the retailer involved in their purchase. In order to bring a successful claim, victims will have to show that negligent manufacturing standards or inadequate attempts at quality control directly resulted in a product malfunctioning and causing an injury.

Recent recall involving lifts shows how defective products can be deadly

Harbor Freight, a retail chain popular for its discounted tools, has initiated a voluntary recall of Pittsburgh brand jack stands, which could crack during use. A bad weld could impact up to 1.7 million units from several models of jack stands intended to support weighs including 3 tons, 6 tons and 33 tons.

It’s easy to see how the failure of a jack stand could lead to severe injury or even death on the job. If a vehicle drops without warning, the person underneath could suffer catastrophic injuries.

Your rights after a defective product incident

Employers have an obligation to provide employees with safe facilities, which includes maintaining equipment so that employees can safely use it. However, an employer may not necessarily be at fault for a scenario in which they purchased a new product which later turned out to be defective.

In that scenario, the injured worker may have to seek compensation from a third party due to their workplace injury. The same is true for people using these products for home repair of their personal vehicles.