What legal remedy can you pursue after a negligent personal injury?

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It is safe to assume that many Baton Rouge residents have suffered a personal injury caused by another party’s negligence. In most cases, the injury is not severe enough to need treatment and as such, no legal action is necessary.

For example, say you visit your neighborhood convenience store. On the way in the door, you trip on a piece of loose carpeting, fall and scrape your knee. Even though the proprietor was negligent in leaving a hazard unaddressed, you probably will not pursue a legal remedy.

Now, look at the same scenario but with a different outcome. After you trip on the carpet, you fall hard onto the concrete floor and suffer a severe leg fracture. You are going to need a significant amount of medical care to recover from your injury. In this scenario, you will likely consider a legal solution to acquire compensation for your expensive medical bills.

A personal injury legal remedy typically proceeds in one of two ways.

You can initiate a formal lawsuit against the responsible party, in this case, the store owner. With the aid of an experienced attorney, you have a good chance of acquiring a favorable outcome and getting compensation for your expenses.

You can agree to settle the matter informally, which involves negotiating with the responsible party. If an agreement is reached, you and the other involved parties will sign a document agreeing not to pursue the matter further. It is also wise to seek counsel in an informal settlement to ensure you receive a fair amount of compensation.

As you can see, it is possible to find a solution without giving up your rights. However, you should never forget that experienced legal representation fills a critical role of advocacy and protection regardless of the remedy you choose.