The stats are in: boating and drinking do not mix

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The open waters of a lake, river, or ocean can seem like the perfect place to drive wild and cut loose. When no one is around your boat for hundreds of yards, there is no need to worry, right? This line of thinking can directly contribute to the likelihood of boating accidents.

The U.S. Coast Guard put out a report on the boat accident statistics in 2019. The report states that 23% of all boating deaths involve alcohol. Despite how open the waters may be, it is still entirely possible for a boating accident to occur.

How common are boating accidents?

When boats move at high speeds, it is easy to forget how difficult turning can be for most of them. Boats cannot make sharp turns in small areas, and they also do not have the same signaling equipment that cars have. When two boats are on a collision course with one another, the lack of signaling capacity and maneuverability makes it easy for an accident to occur. When alcohol is involved, it makes accidents happening even easier.

According to the report from the Coast Guard, more than 4,000 accidents happened in 2019. These accidents resulted in over 2,500 non-fatal injuries, and property damage totaling more than $55 million. The report also states that there was an increase in accidents from 2018 to 2019.

Reckless driving under the influence of alcohol leads to an increase in boating accidents and risks everyone’s lives on the water and beaches.

Play it safe

If someone seems to be driving recklessly or negligently on the water, do not gamble with lives by staying on the water. A drunk driver can still be dangerous, even in a boat.