How many motorcyclists die in Louisiana?

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The immediate answer to that question is, of course, too many motorcyclists and their passengers die or are seriously harmed in our state each year. Yet, specifics are available to answer this sad question in detail. In Louisiana, there were 1,594 crashes involving motorcycles in 2019, which resulted in 87 people killed and more than 1,000 injured.

Tragically, statistics like this aren’t unusual. Motorcyclists are on average 27 times more likely to die in crashes compared to the occupants of passenger cars. The reason why these crashes have such sad outcomes oftentimes comes down to the very nature of motorcycles, notably these factors:

  • Crashworthiness — Their open-air design is exhilarating to ride but comes with inherent safety risks. When they fall in a crash, obviously, there’s nothing to protect a motorcycle rider from hitting the hard asphalt besides just their helmet, pads and clothes.
  • Visibility — Since motorcycles are smaller than cars, they’re harder for other drivers to spot on the road, and motorists can accidentally slam into them if they fail to see the bikers in time.

Besides wearing their helmets and other proper gear, another huge factor that motorcyclists have in their own power to control to reduce accidents is avoiding alcohol. According to the research, alcohol use was involved in 36.8% of Louisiana’s fatal crashes in 2019. As you know, drinking and driving is illegal and a huge danger for any motorist. It takes a lot of skill to safely control the two wheels of a motorcycle, and alcohol certainly doesn’t help.

Finding legal help when the worst happens

If you or a loved one has been killed or seriously injured in a motorcycle crash, the last thing your grieving family may be thinking about is the money. But the financial costs can quickly add up, with missed workdays, hospital bills and potential funeral expenses. You deserve all the financial compensation you can get for your suffering. Talk to a skilled Baton Rouge attorney who can help fight on your behalf to see you get the fairest treatment possible.