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Criminal Defense Questions: Do Trespassing Laws Apply to Hunters in Louisiana?

Criminal Defense

There is no question that hunting is a popular activity in the state of Louisiana. However, there are also a number of questions surrounding this activity. For example, where is it legal for you to hunt? And, what situations may result in you breaking the law? When it comes to criminal charges, the defense “I didn’t know” simply doesn’t cut it. In any situation, hiring a criminal defense lawyer is going to be the best course of action; however, getting to know the facts about hunting in Louisiana can also be beneficial. Read More

Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce


If you are facing a divorce, you may be gearing up for a fight. You may want to use the divorce to get back at your spouse for all the wrong doing you believe they caused in your marriage. However, once you learn about all the options that are available, you are likely going to figure out than an uncontested divorce may be your best option. Read More

5 Common Crimes in Baton Rouge

Common Crimes

Despite the best efforts of law enforcement, Baton Rouge continues to be plagued by crime that is 38 percent higher than the Louisiana average, and 87 percent higher than the national average.

This is clear evidence that the city must combat economic and social problems that researchers have found significantly contribute to the crime rate in a city. Therefore, knowing the five most common crimes in Baton Rouge can help create a better understanding about how to begin tackling the deeper issues behind these harmful incidents. Read More

What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do?

Immigration Lawyer

Immigration law involves issues related to citizenship, green cards, refugee and asylum requests, deportation, and visas that allow people from other countries to visit the U.S. These are thorny and complex legal issues best handled by immigration lawyers, who are trained to understand all the existing laws and how they apply to specific situations. Here are some of the services that an immigration lawyer can provide you in a time of need. Read More


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