“What does law got to do with it?”: Divorce during the holidays in Louisiana

If the holidays involve a divorce proceeding, chances are that the financial and scheduling demands will be more stressful than usual. In Louisiana, if a Marriage Separation Agreement has been filed and a couple is residing apart a minimum of 180 days, they are eligible for filing a Petition for Divorce. The process of petition can take longer if there are children.

DivorceNegotiation of holiday season expenses and visitation rights during a separation of marriage or divorce can be daunting. Divorces are complicated matters, made more challenging during the holiday season. Spouses or divorced parents seeking expert advice about financial planning and custodial scheduling can seek counsel from an experienced Family Law Attorney.

Paying for the Holidays during Divorce

The holidays season is a time when many divorcing couples and parents involved with child custody visitation schedules, are forced to budget finances tightly. Divorce proceedings alone add expenses to the household budget. Depending on parish, uncontested divorce petitions in Louisiana cost $100 to $400 in filing fees without an attorney. While this does not include the administrative fees for a Divorce Settlement Agreement, couples consenting to an uncontested or collaborative divorce, can avoid the costs of litigation. Contested divorce proceedings normally go to trial. Separation of assets, alimony, child support and custody are all reasons divorce petitions proceed to litigation.

In the event of divorce, child support obligations often require adjustments to education funds, insurance, retirement plans, taxes, and expert services. Under Louisiana Family Law, both parents are obliged to provide their child with financial support after divorce. Visitation travel costs and other holiday expenses can be a burden for a single parent after separation or divorce. Collaborative planning of a child’s activities, gifts, and travel is the ideal scenario, yet not all separated or divorcing couples are peaceable enough to form amicable agreement about financial responsibilities associated with child custody or other family obligations.

Custodial Schedules and Holiday Gatherings

Holiday visitation can create additional legal problems for separated, divorcing, or divorced spouses with children. When planning visitation for the holidays, a written Child Visitation Letter outlining a custodial schedule is recommended to protect your rights, and the rights of your child, should any subsequent legal matter follow. Family gatherings and events; time spent with each parent; and the itinerary and cost of travel required to fulfill visitation rights should be met in a holiday custodial schedule. A licensed attorney can draft and formalize a custodial schedule that is also legally enforceable in court. Separated, divorcing, or divorced parents can protect themselves with custodial scheduling that includes financial planning vital to meeting child support obligations.

If involved in a separation or divorce that includes child custody visitation planning during the holiday season, it is important to remember that children are first. Restoring a child’s faith in family is far easier with a custodial schedule. A child’s right to a family life is a joyous and legally binding obligation. Custodial scheduling with a financial plan shows that a parent has fulfilled legal duty to child custody and support. An Attorney at Law specializing in Family Law can assist a client in drafting of a financial plan and custodial schedule that meets child custody and support obligations. Joubert Law Firm licensed attorneys are family law experts, experienced in matters of martial separation, divorce, child custody, child support, and child visitation.


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