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Whether you’re considering a divorce, or you need to modify an existing court order regarding child custody or support, you need an experienced Family Lawyer Baton Rouge on your side.
At Joubert Law Firm, we recognize that family law matters involve the things and people that matter most in your life. You have worked hard to accumulate assets. It makes sense that you want to protect them in a divorce. Even more importantly, you want to protect your kids and safeguard your relationship with them.
Family & Child Law — Child Support Lawyer in Baton Rouge, LA
In family law cases, a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t work. Our Baton Rouge family law attorneys partner with the clients we serve to achieve solutions tailor-made for their families. We encourage you to give us a call so we can begin working toward a resolution that fits your family’s needs and goals.
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Our family law attorneys have earned a reputation for providing compassionate care and exceptional representation in all family law matters. We assist individuals and families in the following types of cases:
  • Just because your divorce is contested does not mean you can’t resolve your case without the need for protracted litigation. We are aggressive when necessary, but we are also committed to helping our clients obtain superior results in an efficient, cost-effective way.
  • Uncontested Divorce. If you and your spouse agree on all of the issues in your case, and you meet certain procedural requirements, you can obtain a divorce without a trial. Generally, uncontested divorce is less expensive and much faster than a contested case.
  • Child Support. Under Louisiana Family Law, both parents have an obligation to provide their child with financial support. In the event of a divorce, one parent may have to pay monthly support payments to the other parent for the benefit of the child. Our family lawyer Baton Rouge will help you make sure these payments are fair and designed to help your child enjoy a standard of living similar to the one in place during your marriage.
  • Child Custody. Few legal matters are more emotional and potentially heartrending as child custody. As a parent, you want to spend as much time as possible with your child. We will fight tirelessly to make sure your relationship with your child is not compromised by the divorce process.
  • Sometimes called spousal support, alimony is designed to help the spouses continue the standard of living they enjoyed during the marriage. In the event one spouse is unable to fully support himself or herself, the court may order the other spouse to provide financial assistance for a certain period of time.
Our Baton Rouge family law lawyers assist clients at every stage of their case, beginning with filing the initial divorce paperwork and following through until the divorce is final. We pride ourselves in being by our client’s side every step of the way, providing child support, guidance, and peace of mind. Divorce can be an emotional process. Having an experienced, focused attorney in your corner can help you keep a cool head when you need it most.

Of course, life is never static. Long after your divorce is over, you may need to modify a court order or change a child visitation or support agreement. We help our clients with a full range of post-decree family law matters, including:
  • Modification of child support
  • Parental relocation
  • Changes in child custody and visitation
  • Mediation
  • Enforcement of family court orders
We also help our clients protect their assets by drafting comprehensive prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

Whatever challenges you are facing in your family, we are confident we can help you achieve a solution that gives you hope and peace of mind for the future.
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If you are facing a family law case, you can’t afford to move forward without the help of an experienced Baton Rouge family law firm. The family lawyer Baton Rouge at Joubert Law Firm are here to help you. Contact us today to talk to an attorney about your family law case. Get in touch with us through our online contact form or by phone. You can reach us at 225-761-3822

Divorce Attorney Baton Rouge

Our Divorce Lawyer Will Fight to Protect Your Rights, Representing Clients Throughout Louisiana
If you are thinking about ending your marriage in Louisiana, you need an experienced Divorce Attorney Baton Rouge on your side. Divorce is rarely something people view as a positive experience, and few people look forward to undergoing the divorce process.

However, your divorce doesn’t have to be a major speed bump in your life. It is possible to get through a divorce without being financially or emotionally devastated. The quality of your experience depends heavily on the type of divorce lawyer you choose.
Divorce Attorney Baton Rouge — Divorce Lawyer in Baton Rouge, LA
At Joubert Law Firm, we are proud of our reputation for combining a deep knowledge of the law with a firm commitment to helping our clients navigate the complexities of the divorce process with peace of mind. We are honored to help our clients overcome challenges and roadblocks in what is almost always a major milestone in their lives.
Baton Rouge Divorce Attorneys
Under Louisiana law, it is possible to end your marriage in either a contested or uncontested divorce process.

Uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, both spouses must agree on all of the issues in their case, including how they want to divide property, whether one spouse will receive alimony, and where the children will make their primary residence. If one or both spouses owns a business, they must also agree on how the business or its assets will be divided.

Contested divorce. Of course, it’s not always possible for both spouses to immediately agree on every item on the table. If they can’t agree at the beginning of the divorce process, they must file a contested divorce.

However, just because your case begins as a contested divorce does not mean you are destined for trial—or even a drawn out divorce process. You can settle your case at any time before the trial, and there are many opportunities to negotiate a resolution that satisfies both sides.

The Divorce Attorney Baton Rouge at Joubert Law Firm work hard to balance an aggressive defense of your rights with a willingness to be cooperative when it is in your best interests. This delicate balance is something we achieve time and again because we have such a broad range of experience handling complex issues and high-value assets.

Our knowledgeable Divorce Attorney Baton Rouge handle the following types of issues in the divorce cases we take on:
  • Property division. Louisiana is one of a handful of states that follows the “community property” rule for the distribution of marital assets. This means that, with some exceptions, all of the assets the spouses acquired during the marriage are owned equally by the parties and divided the same way. In some divorce cases, it is necessary for one spouse to support the other financially for a certain period of time. In the majority of cases, alimony is temporary and put in place for the length of time it takes the recipient spouse to become self-supporting.
  • Child Custody. Like the majority of states, Louisiana courts decide child custody based on what is in the child’s best interests. In most cases, children thrive when they have maximum exposure to both parents. For this reason, courts favor custody arrangements in which the child sees both parents as often as possible.
  • Child Support. Louisiana courts award child support for the benefit of the child, not the parents. Child support is calculated based on a variety of factors, including the parents’ incomes and the child’s needs.
  • Business Valuation. If you or your spouse own a business, it may qualify as a marital asset. Our lawyers help you protect your business in cases where you need to pay out a portion of the business’s equity to your spouse.

No two divorce cases are the same. Our skilled Louisiana family law lawyer will create a case management strategy tailored specifically to your case and the goals you wish to achieve.
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Get the answers you deserve and the compassionate help you need from a knowledgeable Louisiana Family Law Lawyer. Call the experienced Louisiana divorce lawyers at Joubert Law Firm today. You can get in touch with us through our online contact form or by calling 225-761-3822.

Baton Rouge Child Custody Lawyer

Call an experienced Baton Rouge Child Custody Lawyer at Joubert Law Firm right now to discuss your case
For parents contemplating divorce, the well-being and emotional stability of their child is usually their primary concern. They want to make sure the divorce process disrupts their child’s life as little as possible. Similarly, parents who need to modify an existing child custody order often worry about how change will affect their child—even when the change is necessary to keep the child safe.
Baton Rouge Child Custody Lawyer — Child Support Lawyer in Baton Rouge, LA
At Joubert Law Firm, we are compassionate Baton Rouge child custody lawyer who understand how parents feel. Your children are your top priority. Everything we do is geared toward ensuring a positive, healthy result that helps you and your child preserve your important bonds during and after your case.

If you would like to retain primary custody of your child, our family law attorney LA can help. And if you are a non-custodial parent who believes that obtaining primary custody is in your child’s best interest, we will fight tirelessly to show the court why the chance is necessary. Finally, if you are a non-parent who cares deeply about a grandchild, nephew, or other child in your life, we can help you show the court why you are the best person to have custody of the child.
Baton Rouge Child Custody Attorneys
Louisiana is like most states in that its child custody laws are oriented toward decisions that are in the best interests of the child.

In some cases, the parents can agree on child custody decisions, such as where the child will make his or her primary residence and how often the child will have visits with the non-custodial parent. In these cases, it’s quite likely the court will approve the parents’ agreement with no changes or minimal changes. These situations are ideal, as most people prefer an agreement created without the court’s intervention.

However, it’s not always possible for both parents to agree on all points. In these cases, the court will eventually make decisions on their behalf if they are unable to resolve their differences. This means proceeding to a trial if the parties can’t settle their case .

Courts in Louisiana consider numerous factors when determining child custody matters. In any child custody decision, the court is likely to consider the following:
  • The child’s age and wishes
  • The child’s relationship with each parent
  • Whether the child has siblings and where the siblings live
  • The parents’ level of cooperation with each other
  • Whether the parents have the means and willingness to satisfy the child’s needs, such as food and clothing
  • How far the parents live from each other
  • The physical and mental health of the parents
  • If the child has specific physical or mental health needs
  • The child’s bonds in the community and neighborhood where each parent lives

In most cases, the law favors the child having liberal visitation with both parents, as it is usually in the child’s best interest to see both parents as much as possible.

However, in certain cases, it may be better for the child if one parent has sole custody of the child. Although sole custody is comparatively rare, it may be appropriate in cases involving:
  • One parent’s substance abuse
  • Evidence that the child has been a victim of abuse or neglect
  • Domestic violence in the home

Even if the court grants one parent sole custody of the child, it is extremely rare for a court to deny the non-custodial parent visitation with the child. If there is a legitimate concern regarding the fitness of one parent, the court may order supervised visits, which requires a third party to accompany the child on visits to observe and record how the visit progresses.

In some cases, both parents are unfit to have custody of the child. In these situations, the law allows a third party, such as a grandparent, to step in to petition the court for custody.
Don’t fight a child custody battle alone. Get in touch with a Baton Rouge child custody law firm today. Call the Family Law Attorneys at Joubert Law Firm right now to discuss your case. You can get in touch with us through our online contact form or by calling 225-761-3822.

Baton Rouge Child Support

Baton Rouge Child Support Lawyers
Child support can be a contentious issue in family law cases. On the one hand, parents want their kids to have financial security and access to as many resources as possible. At the same time, child support obligations can be a significant drain on a parent’s budget. Call our Baton Rouge child support lawyers with any questions.
Baton Rouge Child Support — Child Support Lawyer in Baton Rouge, LA
At Joubert Law Firm, we are Baton Rouge child support attorneys who partner with the clients we serve to ensure their kids enjoy a comfortable lifestyle that does not compromise a parent’s ability to pay their bills and manage their household expenses.

Whether you are going through a divorce or your case involves the modification of an existing child support order, we can provide clear guidance and creative solutions in your child support case.
Baton Rouge Child Support Lawyers
Under Louisiana law, both parents have a legal duty to look after their child’s medical needs, financial requirements, and emotional well-being. Child support is put in place to benefit the child—not the parent who receives the check. Because the child must make his or her primary residence with one parent or the other, one parent will end up being designated the residential, custodial parent, and the other parent will act as the non-residential, non-custodial parent. As a practical matter, it is the custodial parent who typically receives child support, and the non-custodial parent who pays it.

Unlike other forms of financial support, such as alimony, child support is calculated using a formula, which makes it a bit easier to predict in a divorce or post-decree case. The Louisiana Child Support Guidelines are set forth by state law, and they give parents a good idea of the appropriate amount of child support for their family size, incomes, and lifestyle.

Child Support Deviation. However, these guidelines are not always the definitive way to calculate child support. In some cases, certain factors require a parent’s child support obligation to be adjusted—something known as a child support deviation. For example, if a parent has a disability that prevents him or her from working, it may be appropriate to reduce the parent’s child support obligation. In other cases, a parent’s financial hardship, illness, or other circumstance may convince the court to award support below what state law prescribes.

In other cases, the parents may agree to deviate from the child support guidelines on their own. This is permissible under state law, however, the court must approve parents’ decisions to go outside the guidelines. For example, if the child has extraordinary expenses, such as a health condition that requires significant financial contributions beyond what is covered by the parents’ health insurance, the court is likely to approve one parent paying these expenses in lieu of monthly child support. In other cases, a child may qualify to attend a gifted school or other educational program that is costly. This is also a situation in which the court might approve one parent covering these extraordinary expenses as a substitute for paying child support.
Child Support Modification. Children’s needs constantly change, and life is always evolving and presenting new challenges. In some cases, it may be necessary to modify the amount of child support set by the court in a case. Under Louisiana law, a parent can petition the court to modify child support if there has been a material change in circumstances in the case.

A “change in circumstances” is defined as a life change or event that causes a 25 percent adjustment (up or down) in the amount of child support the child support obligor pays. Common changes that justify a child support modification include a parent’s promotion or job loss, a temporary layoff, a parent’s serious health condition, the birth of a new child, or a parent’s remarriage. Not every change in circumstance will result in a 25 percent adjustment, which is why it’s important to speak to a Baton Rouge child support lawyer if you think your situation merits a reduction or increase in child support.
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Do you have questions about child support in Louisiana? Get help and support from a knowledgeable Baton Rouge child support law firm. Call the experienced Louisiana child support attorneys at Joubert Law Firm today. You can reach us through our online contact form or talk to a lawyer today about your case by calling 225-761-3822.