Divorce and Holidays: How to Survive and Thrive

Divorce LawyerIf you are dealing with a pending divorce during this holiday season, or if this is your first holiday season since your divorce was finalized, you may find yourself feeling a bit out of sorts.  Divorce and holidays don’t have to be a recipe for disaster.  Instead, with a bit of planning and forethought, you can make this holiday season a season to remember, as you both survive and thrive.

Divorce and Holidays: Consider Keeping Some Traditions

Especially if you have children, consider keeping some of your holiday traditions.  Even if you are aching on the inside, your children are craving security and predictability.  If your divorce is amicable, consider spending some or all of the holiday together as a single family unit.  If spending time with your ex or soon to be ex is more than you can stomach, know you are not alone.  That said, keeping some of your family’s longstanding traditions provides comfort and security to your children.  Whether chopping down a tree, going to a favorite holiday event, or ordering Chinese takeout, keeping tradition sends a message to your children some things won’t change.

Divorce and Holidays: Consider New Adventures

Now that you are single, you have greater flexibility to celebrate the holiday season the way you want to celebrate.  Want to host a cookie exchange?  Volunteer for your favorite non-profit? Train for and participate in a fun run?  As you explore new adventures, you may just find something that will become a treasured annual tradition for many holidays to come.

Divorce and Holidays: Spending Time Alone

Whether you have children or not, this holiday season you will have some time alone that you didn’t have before.  There is a big difference between being alone and being lonely.  It is perfectly acceptable to spend some time alone during the holiday season – unless you don’t want to.  If you are alone averse, be proactive!  Make plans with family and friends to celebrate the holidays meaningful to you this time of year.  There is no right way to spend your time.  Maybe you will enjoy going for walks.  Perhaps an extra round of golf is in your future.  If you are concerned about being alone this holiday season, consider making plans now to fill your time.

Divorce and Holidays: One Step at a Time

Particularly during the first holiday season after a divorce, things can feel overwhelming.  It is important to remember this holiday season, like all the others, will be over in just a few weeks.  When approaching this holiday season, consider taking it one step at a time.  Plan your time to not just survive, but thrive this holiday season.  Give yourself permission to feel sad at times.  It’s perfectly okay to spend part of your holiday being wistful about what was, or what might have been.  But a successful holiday season also requires a forward-looking approach.  Challenging times can be an opportunity for growth – if you just let it.

If You are Divorcing this Holiday Season

There’s no need to face your divorce alone.  Let the experienced family law attorneys at the Joubert Law Firm handle your divorce.  We will take on the arduous tasks of sorting through the details while you focus on moving on with your life.  We offer free consultations.  Contact us today at 225-761-3822.

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