Criminal Defense Questions: Do Trespassing Laws Apply to Hunters in Louisiana?

There is no question that hunting is a popular activity in the state of Louisiana. However, there are also a number of questions surrounding this activity. For example, where is it legal for you to hunt? And, what situations may result in you breaking the law? When it comes to criminal charges, the defense “I didn’t know” simply doesn’t cut it. In any situation, hiring a criminal defense lawyer is going to be the best course of action; however, getting to know the facts about hunting in Louisiana can also be beneficial.

Trespassing in Louisiana and When You Need Criminal Defense Legal Services

Generally speaking, hunters are bound to abide by the trespassing laws in their state. Trespassing takes place when a person goes onto the property of someone else without their permission. In some cases, hunters may do this to pursue game or to find someplace else to hunt. While there is not always signage present, if there is, it is imperative to obey it.

Criminal Defense

If a person unknowingly or purposefully goes onto someone else’s property while hunting, it is considered trespassing. If they are arrested for this, the best thing they can do is to hire a criminal defense attorney for help to ensure their legal rights are protected.

Exceptions to Trespassing in Louisiana

There are several exceptions to the trespassing laws in the state of Louisiana. For example, if you have a hunting dog that runs onto land that a hunter has not received permission to use, then you have the right to go onto the land to find your dog. Also, any land that is not marked with a “no trespassing” sign can be entered while hunting. However, if you are unsure about the particular circumstances surrounding your trespassing charges, you should always seek the advice of a criminal defense attorney to be sure.

Criminal Defense to Trespassing Charges in Louisiana

When you hire a criminal defense attorney to help you with trespassing charges in Louisiana, there are several defenses that may be used. For example, hunters may be able to defend their trespassing if they had the landowner’s permission to use the property for this purpose. However, what is considered “permission” can vary and create a number of legal dilemmas for those who are facing trespassing charges.

Even though hunting is an extremely popular pastime for residents of Louisiana, it may lead to criminal issues for those who move onto property where they should not venture. If you need more information about trespassing laws in this state, then it is a good idea to speak with a criminal defense attorney. Additional help and information about this can be found by contacting the attorneys at the Joubert Law Firm by calling 225-761-3822.

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