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When you are charged with a felony, the first move you should make is to secure the services of our Baton Rouge criminal defense attorneys. If you settle for a public defender, you may not get the same level of care, attention and expertise as you would with a private law firm that has the resources to mount an aggressive defense on your behalf. Many criminal defense cases pivot on whether a lawyer can prove to a jury that there is sufficient reasonable doubt based on the evidence presented to acquit a client.
You may also need a criminal defense attorney if you are under suspicion of a crime, but have not yet been arrested or charged for that crime. In these instances, a lawyer would conduct an investigation to determine why law enforcement officials have named you as a suspect, and if no evidence exists to support that suspicion, demand that your name be cleared.
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Types of Criminal Defense Cases
Criminal charges can fall under a number of different categories:
  • Homicide – if you are a suspect or have been charged with murder, you absolutely need the services of a first-rate criminal defense team to ensure that all your rights are protected, and that police officers followed required protocols.
  • Motor Vehicle Offenses – if you or someone you love has been charged with vehicular homicide, or some other crime related to the operation of a car or truck, a criminal defense lawyer can work to unearth evidence that contradicts what investigators and prosecutors have presented.
  • Narcotics Charges – charges of drug possession, drug manufacturing or drug distribution and trafficking are very common, and carry severe prison sentences. Our criminal defense attorneys can mount a defense using tactics such as proving a search or seizure was illegal, proving that the drugs were not yours, or proving that the drugs were for medicinal purposes.
  • Assault – when you are arrested and charged with assault or battery, a criminal lawyer can initiate actions to reduce or drop the charges, seek an alternative to jail time, or seek a plea bargain that can settle the matter without a trial.
  • Kidnapping – if you have been charged with taking a person against their will, or preventing a person from leaving a location, a criminal lawyer can determine if your actions met the legal standard, or if you are being falsely accused by someone who consented to be in your presence. These cases often require dogged investigation, and only an experienced criminal defense law firm has the resources to ensure that the real story of what happened comes to light.
  • Theft – there are many different types of theft, including robbery (violence or implied violence), identity theft, and larceny (simple theft). Defense strategies in theft cases include proving that you didn’t commit theft because the property that was taken belongs to you, or challenging the prosecution to prove that you had a specific intent to commit theft.
  • Sexual Assault – sexual assault cases are always fraught with emotion and they often pivot on whether you (the defendant) are more credible than the person who is accusing you of the crime. But there are other factors in these cases, including finding evidence that proves that a sexual encounter was consensual, or unearthing evidence that the person accusing you of the crime has ulterior motives.
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