5 Common Crimes in Baton Rouge

Despite the best efforts of law enforcement, Baton Rouge continues to be plagued by crime that is 38 percent higher than the Louisiana average, and 87 percent higher than the national average.

Common CrimesThis is clear evidence that the city must combat economic and social problems that researchers have found significantly contribute to the crime rate in a city. Therefore, knowing the five most common crimes in Baton Rouge can help create a better understanding about how to begin tackling the deeper issues behind these harmful incidents.

1. Burglary Is One of the 5 Most Common Crimes

Burglary is one of the five most common crimes in Baton Rouge. Louisiana law defines burglary as unlawfully entering into a structure with the intent of committing some type of crime, usually a theft. In many instances, a burglary does not occur in the presence of other people, although that is not always the case. Simple burglary in Louisiana is defined as any burglary in which a weapon was not used to commit the crime.

2. Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault is another common crime committed in Baton Rouge, and is defined as an assault that occurs with the use of a dangerous weapon, such as a gun, knife or an axe. Aggravated assault carries a higher fine than simple assault ($1,000), although a judge decides the final amount of the fine. Anyone convicted of this crime is required to spend a minimum of 120 days in prison, though higher sentences are possible depending on the kind of weapon that was used.

3. Larceny

Anyone who takes, obtains or withholds the personal property of another person or tries to defraud another person of their rightful property in order to claim it as their own is guilty of the crime of larceny. In many cases, larceny does not involve the use of force or violence, and most people know this crime as common theft.

4. Robbery

In Louisiana, simple robbery is defined as taking something of value or the property of another by force or intimidation, but without the use of a weapon. Anyone who is convicted of robbery can be fined a maximum of $3,000, though the amount of the fine is at a judge’s discretion. Jail sentences for robbery can range from probation to as much as seven years, depending on the value of the property stolen, and the manner in which that property was taken from the victim.

5. Motor Theft

Stealing a motor vehicle is another of the most common crimes in Baton Rouge, and it has multiple meanings. In addition to a person stealing a car owned by another person, motor theft also includes taking control of another person’s vehicle without that person’s permission, even if you intended to return the vehicle at a later date.

The charge of motor theft can be quite serious, with fines ranging as high as $3,000 and possible prison sentences of as long as five years. As with many criminal convictions, fines and prison sentences are usually at a judge’s discretion, so these maximums do not always apply.

Protecting Your Rights

When you are accused of one of these five common crimes in Baton Rouge, it can wreak havoc on your life. This is especially true if you believe you have been wrongfully accused, and require the services of top-flight criminal defense lawyers such as the team at Joubert Law Firm. Please contact us at 225-761-3822 for a free legal consultation.

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